Quantcast Distribution Program

Value Add Program


Internet Fulfillment Services' (IFSb2b) Value Add Program is designed to effectively manage a Manufacture's product presence with 100's of small and midsize online retail businesses. Our Value Add Program provides the following services:

  1. Time to Market - Quick market penetration to 100's of independent online retail businesses.
  2.  Expand your Resources - You'll find it is increasingly difficult to develop and manage an online market presence. IFSb2b can manage your entire online market presence while you focus on other important markets channels within your business.
  3. Order Fulfillment - Ship case packs, or individual units direct to consumer, or small brick and mortar, from our warehouse.
  4. Order Aggregation - If you prefer to manage your own inventory, but don't want the hassle of managing 100's of online customers, we will aggregate the orders direct an become your single point of contact.
  5. Account Management - Why try and manage 100's of internet retail customers with net terms, or credit card billing per single transaction? IFSb2b has automated the entire process. You work directly with us while we manage the entire account customer base.
  6. Pricing Policies - IFSb2b can effectively manage pricing requirements.
  7. New Product Penetration - IFSb2b already has the relationships set up in our system. New product introductions are easily managed with a simple New Product Launch.
IFSb2b is a proven resource for all sizes of Manufactures. Please inquire at customerservice@ifsb2b.com for details about our Value Add capabilities.
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